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Embarrassing Shower
Last month my dad was traveling so I was alone after school all week until one night my mom wasn't going to be home until late. I was suprised when my mom told me she was having one of my sisters friends (my sister is in college) come over and stay with me until my mom got home. I argued because I'm too old for a babysitter but she said I couldn't be home alone all night.

When I got home from school it was a very warm day so I went in the pool and a little while later Ashley got there with two friends . They went swimming so I went inside and watched tv. After a while they came in. Ashley told me she was going to make me dinner and I needed to take a shower and get ready for bed.

She wanted to hang out downstairs and wanted me in my room after dinner. I said it was too early and I didn't need to listen to her anyways. After arguing for a couple minutes she went back into the kitchen but only for a couple minutes. All three of the girls came in and grabbed me and carried me up to the bathroom. They turned the shower on and pulled off my shirt and bathing suit. Her two friends carried me into the shower (they still had their bathing suits on) and Ashley started washing me with body wash. They were all laughing so hard. I struggled and slipped to the tub floor and they held me down and kept washing my body and hair.

When they were done with my front they turned me over and washed my backside laughing the whole time. Finally they rinsed off and each one of them slapped my butt for not doing what I was told. Of course I didn't go down for dinner later but I could hear them laughing all night.
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Nick 05-Dec-10
I'm with Brian
Maria 12-May-10
i wish i was one of those girls because i would :) to be touching u no seriously i would just touch lick poke bite and squeese i just :) girls
jessica page 25-Apr-10
Julie, i TOTALLY agree with you! I mean you should have told them to back off and splash water in their faces!
Brian View Profile 08-Mar-10
hahaha how old were you when this happened to you? that would have been fun to see
Julie 06-Mar-10
I hope you told your mother or father because those girls had no right to do that. They are not fit to be babysitters. They are the ones that need babysitting!!!

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