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Another Depantsing Story
I know there are already about 100 of these stroies out there, but this one was especially embarrassing to me.  I was in 7th grade at the time which was when all the guys had made sure they switched from "tighy whities" to boxers.  Well since I'm from a small town and only 15 other boys were in my gym class, I was the only guy who still wore briefs.  So every gym class, I ended up having to pull my shirt down longer so no one in the locker room would notice it, until one day some jerk from my school made a big deal about it.  He waited until we got out into the gym room.  Then his friend and I were messing around and he came up behind me and depantsed me right on the spot.  All the girls in my entire class could see that I still wore briefs.  I was really embarrassed, but as if that wasn't bad enough, he had to do it again the next day.  Now everyone saw it twice.  He tried it again on the third day but when he did, I punched him and I told him off.  He and I were friends but he would step over the line sometimes so I would have to hit him and bring him back to reason.  The next day, of course, I went and switched to boxer-briefs which are definitely the most comfortable type.  The story might not sound too embarrassing but trust me it was horrible.  One last word of advice, all you guys who still wear briefs, switch to boxer-briefs! You won't regret it.
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Jason 04-Aug-05
it's a good thing you swicthed while you were in 7th grade. If you were in high school you would've gotten it 100 times worse
alexandria 17-Jul-05
i really sux i dont think u should be friends with him any more but hay thats just me an barily any girl cares about what kind of underwear u wear its its like the thong, granypanty stuff but guys care most girls don't. but im really sorry about you tragety.
Elyse View Profile 17-Jul-05
That guy a is a jerk. Not all girls are down with the boxer / brief thing, so maybe that will spare you some of your embrassment.

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